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We offer three (3) motivational workshops designed to alter your perspective on life in just one (1) day! ReThink (mind), ReShape (body), and ReNew (soul), are all systematically designed to address the holistic needs each one of us ReQuires for new or sustained success in life.  These ReSharpened tools will prepare you to effectively navigate through ever-changing life both personally and professionally. Some sessions within these workshops include: ReLease, ReOrganize, ReFit, ReTaste, ReFresh and ReLationships.


ReThink (Mind)

The objective of this workshop is to help participants see everyday adversities in a controllable light.  All while finding the hidden potential of their brain power by following the steps taught throughout the sessions.

ReShape (Body)

The objective of this workshop is to assist participants in ReCognizing what their body needs to look its’ best.  Everything from fitness, nutrition, and even style will be covered, allowing for custom plan creation.

ReNew (Soul)

The objective of this workshop is to take participants on a journey of inward exploration. The soul is the most fundamental of all three title focuses and covers how we ReLate with one another, ReStart our engines, and maintain inner peace. 

And then we come together for:

We all aspire to be something greater. Even though the journey to success can be difficult at times, it is ReFreshing to see people who are pursuing their passions, and achieving their goals. It is a ReMinder that our own dreams are not in vain. The ReImagine segment is designed for participants to take an in-depth look at people who are truly living out their dreams. We use artistic expression to help you ReDiscover who you are, and what your life mission is. Not only will you be entertained, but performers will use their awe-inspiring, unique talents to say the unthinkable and do the impossible, thus creating a ReSonating experience for you that will ReInvigorate your passions, and empower you to push far beyond set limitations.

ReU incorporates performers of all varieties, from the nationally acclaimed, to the up and coming into the ReImagine segments. ReU performers are so authentic, and so creative, they will defy norms, and possibly gravity. They will literally make you ReDefine what it means to imagine.      


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