ReStyle in one word is – Confidence. It’s finding your individuality, giving you that edge. It's expression through patterns, textures, fabric and accessories. Lady or gent, the right outfit will bring out the best in you!

We understand the process of ReStyling can come in many forms: using what you already have, what you need, or simply understanding how to put styles together.  Bria White brings with her many years of expertise in wardrobe auditing (sort), personal shopping (shop), and personal styling (style).  But that’s not it.  She also understands what it means to ‘Re’ and because of this she is able to support the inward to outward change that the world needs to see in you!  Those little intricacies that make you awesome and unique.  

Common misconception that personal styling is only for the wealthy.  Not with ReStyle.  We accommodate your budget to ensure that either way, you get what YOU need!  Please check out our awesome packages and deals below and get started TODAY!


We come to your home and do a complete audit of your current wardrobe.  This isn’t always easy!  Suggestions may be made to let go of some old so you can bring in the new.  Know once and for all what you need and what you don’t need is in your closet. You may not need to go shopping for a while!  Let us get in there and find out!

Cost: $150.00 USD (does NOT include styling)


Be personally assisted in selecting what you need to purchase for a particular season or current event.  This is totally budget based so don't fret on where to go, we'll handle that!  Just be prepared to ReTurn home completely anew!  

Cost: Based on Budget or Event (rates starting as low as $50.00 USD/per hour)


 ReCeive the latest and most ReLevant styling tips in the industry. We teach you how to marry certain garments with others, to include accessories.  Using your current wardrobe alone, new clothes, or a combination of the two, we ensure you step out looking your best!

Cost: Rates starting as low as $50.00 USD/per hour


Triple Take $389.99-Includes complete wardrobe audit, one hour personal shopping, and one hour personal styling.

Double Dare $289.99-Includes one hour wardrobe audit, one hour personal shopping, and 30 minutes personal styling.

ReFerral 25% Off future Sort, Shop, or Style sessions.