Our story, is one of beautiful minds coming together to create a sincere solution for ReJuvenation.

Mission Statement

ReU’s mission is to ReStore the vital qualities necessary for living life to completeness. ReInforcement of the practical tools that are already in each of us, provides the firm foundation to ReGenerate the spirit, soul, and body. ReU thrives as the world’s one-stop shop for ReVelational change.

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The Gist

ReU (Pronounced Re-You) is a pioneering movement that focuses on the holistic ReNovation of the spirit, soul, and body through perspective altering, innovative, and practical solutions to ever-changing life. Our concept is based on the process of 'Re' which quite literally means to do over again! 'Re'ing is a constant and life-long process. ReU supporters are ReAl people whose time is already at a premium from university, corporate, private, non-profit, and government sectors, with a sincere desire inside of them to to discover or ReDiscover their passion and potential.  We all need our spiritual, mental, and physical tools ReSharpened for new or sustained success in life. 

aRe U ready? is not just a tagline, but a call to action for people to ‘Re’ themselves.”
- Vie Hamilton, Founder