The perfect team — Our powers combined help to create an experience of a lifetime.

Veronique (Vie) Freeman


Vie carries an unwavering passion for leadership and personal development, and brings with her over 15 years of Communications and Life Coaching experience. She has coached a full spectrum of clients including NBA athletes, Inc. 500 CEO's, celebrity entertainers, and working professionals from around the country. As lead media news reporter for The Leadership News Magazine she has conducted video interviews with the Commandant of the U.S. Coast Guard and President of Blacks in Government.  In 2006, Ms. Freeman was a regional finalist for Donald Trump's Apprentice and is currently a member of a variety of professional women's associations. She is active in her community and serves as a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) for abused and neglected children. Graduating from the University of Colorado at Boulder with Master of Arts in Education and Bachelor of Arts in Communications degrees, Ms. Freeman adopts the mission of helping others to be better, stronger, and wiser.

Tedra Embry


Tedra Embry is passionate about training and development.  With a Masters degree in Instructional Technology from East Carolina University and many years of Training and Development experience, Ms. Embry believes that training should be inspiring and thought provoking.

LaMean Koroma


LaMean Koroma has been a leader in telecom sales and consulting for nearly a decade generating over $1 Million in products and services for AT&T annually. In addition to being a 6X Summit Gold Quarterly Award winner, Mr. Koroma was the #1 ranked Sales Consultant in the Washington/Baltimore lead region for 3 consecutive years, which led to receiving honors and recognition from the Vice President of the company. These successes and accomplishments are true testaments to Mr. Koroma's innate ability to connect with people, and deliver the tools of tomorrow for success today.

Suzy Wagner


Suzy Wagner is an experienced business development and strategic marketing/communications professional. Suzy’s career has been spent working with the best iconic brands, traditional and new media companies like TIME Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, Playbill, Digilant and Edelman Public Relations. After receiving a Journalism degree, Suzy stepped into the world of public relations and advertising asking a lot of questions before creatively attempting to resolve client challenges.  Her style is consultative and she believes in building the best programs for each individual client.  A positive attitude and focus on fun makes her programs more engaging and successful. Her motto is, “If you can think of it, we can do it."

Leticia Ebb


Words and the visual components to support them are powerful!! For over 17 years, Ms. Ebb has honed her craft in finding the right way to inspire, connect, motivate and engage targeted markets through various mediums with integrated & impactful marketing communications strategies. She has pioneered dynamically innovative campaigns that have increased visibility and brand awareness with 100% success! Ms. Ebb has managed multi-million dollar global marketing and advertising campaigns to deliver measurable results and ROI. Her consistent 'out of the box' thinking, coupled with an astute understanding of the marketing mix has warranted her the ability to be promoted within the first year of every position she started in over the past 15 years. As a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., Ms. Ebb is committed to providing service to all mankind through various programs and outreach efforts from mentoring to feeding the homeless. With an International MBA and focus in Brand Marketing from the University of Birmingham Business School in the UK and a BA in Communications Management from Howard University,  Ms. Ebb exudes a passion for understanding not just how information should be delivered, but also how people want to receive it. 

Adrian D. Furgeson


Adrian Ferguson possesses an unyielding passion for personal development through music and entertainment. Graduating from Morehouse College with a degree in Political Science, combined with seven (7) plus years of managerial experience, Mr. Ferguson has the vital expertise needed to effectively motivate and orchestrate diverse groups of people to achieve goals, while using his life experiences, and his ability to identify quality art and entertainment to further his mission of creating well balanced individuals who positively impact their communities through music, and other unique forms of entertainment.