Simply put, the ReU movement means adopting the concept that we are constantly needing to 'Re' ourselves, and must do so holistically!  No one is perfect but always progressing. Using Vie Freeman's core life philosophy of holistic ReNovation for true happiness and success, we've created ReU! An easy to understand concept, ReU helps you to: 

ReNew (spirit), ReThink (soul), and ReShape (body), concepts systematically designed to address the holistic needs of each one of us. These ReSharpened tools will prepare you to effectively navigate through ever-changing life both personally and professionally.

So what do you do once you get 'it'?

  • Learn more! Attending a ReU Experience is the best way to start your Re journey!!!
  • Spread the word. Ask others, "I Re'd me, did you ReU?"
  • Have an awesome day at work? Hashtag #ReCharge #ReU
  • Great workout? Tweet #ReFit #ReU
  • Practice random acts of kindness? IG a picture and hashtag #ReGive #ReU
  • Be ReU...lead by example.
  • Let us know about events in your community, colleges/universities, or company/organization so we can come out and support!



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