We are looking for ReSourceful, intelligent, diligent, self-motivated, energetic, people to join our cause. People who believe in living a well-balanced life and possess a genuine passion for changing lives. Do you possess the ability to be both creative and pragmatic? aRe U ready to offer your time and/or expertise to support this life-changing movement? We are looking for you!

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We all aspire to be something greater. Even though the journey to success can be difficult at times, it is ReFreshing to see people who are pursuing their passions, and achieving their goals. It is a ReMinder that our own dreams are not in vain. ReImagine was designed to showcase artistic expression to help us ReDiscover who we are, and what our life mission is.

ReU is always looking for unique performers of all varieties, from the nationally acclaimed, to the up and coming to participate in the ReImagine side of the ReU movement. ReU performers are so authentic, and so creative, they will defy norms, and possibly gravity. They will literally make you ReDefine what it means to imagine.  

So if you aRe interested in performing at one of our events, fill out the form below.   


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