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Frequently Asked Questions

What ReSults can I expect to achieve from following the ReU movement or attending a ReU Experience?

  • Spiritual Growth
  • Greater Focus
  • Self-Empowerment
  • Drive toward immediate action
  • Ability to withstand deterrents
  • Goal setting and success
  • Total Health and Wellness
  • Balancing Professional and Personal life
  • Identifying negative outside influences
  • Magnetizing Success
  • Fitness, Nutrition, and Style knowledge base

Can ReU hook me up with the ReSources to support my 'Re'ing?

Yes!  ReU has successfully build ReLationships with experts in all of the ReU areas: ReThink, ReShape, and ReNew.  Safe yourself the trouble we've vetted through who's ReAl and who's not. 

Is ReU a class or seminar?

ReU is a movement, a way of thinking. However, The Experience is a life-changing motivational speaking seminar that helps better understand what it means to ReU.  ReU can also be taught over a 3 day period in workshop form. Contact us to learn how you can get a FREE experience for groups of 150 or more.

I am interested in life coaching, is that what ReU does?

ReU is a movement, a way of thinking. However, ReU does offer 1:1 life coaching and group coaching. This is not ReQuired to partake in the awesomeness the movement offers.  Contact us to learn move about ReCeiving coaching or learn how you yourself can become a ReU certified life coach!