If something needs to be ReBuilt, it generally implies it was built on the wrong foundation.  I cannot tell you how many times I put in an insane amount of money, time, energy into what I thought was building the perfect ReLationship, business, or career; only to see it all fall in a matter of months or years.  This fall comes from lack of foundation.  From the three little pigs to infamous stories in the Bible, we've been warned about the dangers of what happens when we do not build on a strong foundation and with the right materials.

A strong foundation is important for a few reasons: certainty and longevity.  A strong foundation will provide a certainty and assurance that no matter what happens in life: lost job, broken ReLationship, loss of a loved one, you're not worried because you know what you're building, building with, and building on!  Secondly a strong foundation provides longevity and legacy.  If you grew up on a shaky foundation, then it's time to break generational curses, and ensure you build something strong and sustainable that your children, grandchildren, and even friends and family can build and grow from as well.

One of the things I love about ReU is that while there aRe many reasons why ReBuilding or any other kind of Re'ing is important for life, ReU supplies the 'how' to Re.  Knowing is half the battle, doing is the other.