The Problem with Never Starting...

Our problem is never starting something in life.  We've all started something: working out, eating right, accomplishing goals, getting things in order, making time for ourselves, and the list goes ON.  The problem is, despite our sincere desire to continue in these various starts - we stop.  As a life coach my tagline is 'Never Stop Starting', because I identified early on that no client lacked the desire to start being better, stronger, or wiser; what they missed were the tools needed to never stop.  So I've taken, with the help of an absolutely amazing team, all of the ReSources used to coach clients on a 1:1 level and over a period of time, and packaged them into an exciting, life changing one-day experience, where people walk away with the essential skills needed to never stop starting.

Right where a person is about to step away from finishing is where ReU steps in!  ReU meets every individual at the place where they want to quit or have lost the drive to continue in any and every area: spirit, soul, and body. 'Re' means quite literally to do over again. This doesn't always mean from the very beginning, but wherever we're at.  I 'Re' every day. Some days are better than others, and on those off days when I may get nothing done, I wake up the very next day and 'Re' again.  We'll never be perfect and this is why 'Re'ing ourselves is a lifelong process, because, simply put, we'll never arrive at perfection.  We're all perfectly imperfect:)     

We love others and truly believe in the power of kindness. I ReFuse to hoard the gifts I've been blessed with to inspire others so they may walk in all they are called to be at work, with family and friends, and in life period. This blog is designed to support the journey as you 'Re' U! We hope you join us in this ReVolution to transform lives.  aRe U ready?